Too Realistic - Leo Rises - Lost - .27 - 68/683

in art •  22 days ago 

I saw this again today. I don't like it. lol



The Leo token still seems to be doing well. The bid is about .24 with an ask of about .3. I'll probably provide some resistance at .3 but I expect that to become support in the next week or two.

I found out I lost in court so I had to appeal.

Wednesday 11-20


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Looks like my purchase of that sell wall is working out.
Unfortunately that is quite a large liquidity gap.

It seems to me that Leo should have a decent gap since it's an appreciating token.

Yeah Creepy Art!

I found out I lost in court so I had to appeal.

Someone hurt their neck trying to read your lopsided photos and sue you? I think I may need my heating much did they get? lol.

Drama from an ex "friend". :( I probably could have let it slide but I have better things to do with my life. Court is time consuming but it could be worth it in the end.

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