Crazy Game - Chrome Issues - 736

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My chrome browser seems to refresh when I switch tabs? I thought I had a browser extension to fix that but maybe not. Also Facebook sucks on chrome but is fast on mobile or

Sunday 1-12


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There you go, LEO finally hit the .15 level as I predicted before the spike!! Might be a buy, but i dunno because it's low (ATL) was .05!

Thanks to massive whales selling out.

I’m not selling any any more! I’m buying now, it’ll go up next!

Buy cheap. I wouldn't buy past .18.



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Weird mine doesn't do that!!

Maybe your computer and internet are awesome?

  ·  9 days ago (edited)

Yeah I spend a lot of time working on it! Also being behind a VPN helps!!

This account is still banned.

Yeah mine too I think. They said you were abusing the platform, i'm not sure if they are really going to let us back in yet. MarkyMark tried to get us back in, but it's really up to the other guy that is not happy with us!! Just start doing some professional financial posts and maybe that will change their mind possibly. From us they only want top notch work, there are higher bars set for us! lol

Wow. I'll probably try and protest and get back on eventually but whatever. I thought their leadership was better but apparently not. I dunno if you really want to buy those Leo Tokens. I am having trouble selling mine.

I'm not going to spend an hour to try and earn 20 cents instead of 10 cents. lol

I requested to get you unbanned, however i just tried to post and it didn’t work for me yet!

Yeah I think you might have been banned there for a while.
Your honusurf account is still banned on Steemit.

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