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in hope •  11 days ago 

I'm making this post on splintertalk.io It also only allows 10 tags. :(



I think the SBD potato project seems like a good idea.

I almost accidentally typed in the steemleo tag. lol Maybe it's good I only get 10 tags in case I forget and get banned.

Sunday 12-1-19


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This doesn't contain any SPT information (other than saying it only uses 10 tags) or anything at all related to the Splinterlands game. As I noted to you in your last post the community has members who actively downvote such content.

Don't take this message the wrong way. I'm just trying to help you.

Do the people that downvote also have a lot of Steem power? There's no leeway at all? I figured they'd cut me some slack since this is my first post using their front end. Probably the last post but never know.

Yes, many within the Splinterland tribe have decent amounts of Steem Power.

The thing is it would be hard to get slack from any tribe due to the fact each tribe has XXX amount of people in them. It only takes one out of the bunch to see your post and downvote it.

I would suggest not using the tag unless you are posting about Splinterlands in some capacity. The game has many different aspects, I'm sure you can come up with something to tie Splinterlands in some of your posts so you can use the tag if that is what your goal is.

Yeah I figured I would do the one post and cover it since I was trying out the front end for the first time. I'll probably never use the tag or the front end again.
I used the #battle tag. YOu should play the Bitcoin shooter game. lol

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No Problem, I don't take flags personally. We will have to agree to disagree about if there was tag abuse or not but that's ok because we on the Steem blockchain are a vast bunch and its ok to have different opinions. For what it's worth I think its silly that you have been blocked and I hope that you can get unblocked.

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Weird. You could try refreshing. I checked it out in an incognito window and they looked the same.

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Wow! Extremely useful! Thank you. I think I will post about it tomorrow.