Don’t Be That Guy...After Hours Edition

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So I just got home from work about 2 minutes ago. It would have been about 30 minutes earlier but at 5:01 pm, a father and son walked in the door as I was turning off the closed sign. They just walked in and I said “Hey guys, I’m sorry but we close at 5, but I can hang for a few minutes if ya need something.” to which the father replied, “We are just gonna look around a bit.”.

It seemed as though he completely ignored what I said along with the hours on the door. So I repeated it in different wording while letting him know that he does have a few minutes. “Yeah my kid wanted to stop in and we saw the lights” is what he uttered to me next. Now I’m usually super patient and accommodating. I have stayed waaaaaaay beyond normal business hours and have even gotten out of my car to reopen the shop if someone pulls up...but I absolutely positively hate how rude and ignorant people are when it comes to this issue.

I’m not a stranger to it. I waited tables for a decade and plenty of times I remember a dead night where I was closing. Side work was all done and one or two tables were finishing up. The remaining staff that included the wait staff, bartender, host, manager, and even kitchen manager would literally be looking out the door and windows of the Outback as it got to a few minutes before closing. Some nights we were lucky and as it struck 10:00 pm, the door was locked and 15 people were able to leave shortly after. But once in a while, a car pulls up...a pair of assholes waltz up and enter at 9:58 pm. The hostess always politely let them know that they juuuuuust made it. This was usually a nice way of letting them know that they were assholes. Sometimes they got the hint and apologized and said they will head elsewhere as they didn’t want to keep the kitchen open and a staff on just for them. In my honest of opinions...that is the right thing to do. But more often than not, people just didn’t care.

It didn’t even faze them that the two of them would be singlehandedly holding up a staff of at least 10-15 people, keeping the kitchen running, and powering up a they could eat their $40 dollar check worth of greasy shit. If you are guilty of doing that...just know that every single person in that building hopes you die in a fiery car wreck on your drive home. Just sayin...

This just brings me back to Father Fuckface & Son tonight. Granted, it’s a small business and I’m just one guy so it’s not like his actions were affecting a bunch of people...or even myself in all honesty. I had nowhere specific to be tonight. It’s just more of the principal of the issue. He ignored me telling him twice that we closed at 5, even though he walked in after hours...he either didn’t get it or didn’t care. They stayed about 20 minutes past and the only reason I let it go that long is because the kid had a few books in his hand. They ended up spending $18 bucks in total. Woohoo!

I do hope I read about their demise on the news later tonight though. Fingers crossed!!! 😜

So in short...don’t be that guy!


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yeah this sorts of situations used to drive me nuts in the food industry. It's amazing to me that people can walk in so late to an establishment that is clearly in the process of shutting down and be completely unconcerned about the fact that they are, at the minimum, severely inconveniencing other people.

I'm at the point in my life now (especially at restaurants) where if it is like, say in the last HOUR that the place is open i will look elsewhere but this comes from me having years of experience in that industry.

There was a big Outback style place that I worked at and the company decided to shut down the location, all of the staff were invited in to make some money to help with the moving of furniture and all sorts of other stuff involved in vacating the building. The exterior lights were off, the "specials" section on the street sign said "Closed" and at the only entrance there was a massive sign explaining what had happened and "thanks for the past 14 years or whatever. There was also plates, chairs, and whatever just all over the place... it was chaos.

We still had 4 or 5 groups of people wander past all of that and actually try to find someone to get them a table asking "are ya'll open for service?" and what not.

So in conclusion my long-winded point is: I don't think a lot of these clowns are actually aware of how rude they are being.... They are just exceptionally dumb.

They just don’t care. I refuse to believe that they aren’t aware of the inconvenience they are causing. How could they not know?!?

I’m with you. We’d dine out well together. Lol. I am always aware of the hours when it gets later in the evening. If I arrive somewhere to grab some grub and they close shortly after...I’m not eating there. That simple.

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Here's an ASS for you, don't say I never gave you anything, you earned it! lol

Super generous!!! Lol. Thx.

Guilty conscious?!? Are you “that guy?!!?” Lol

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...I sense anger...

Ya think?!? Lol. I just don’t get how some folks are so dense!!!

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Lemonade, lemonade, lemonade
Cheese fry, cheese fry, cheese fry, water, water, water, water, water, blooming onion, extra ranch.

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Chocolate breadz

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The only thing people care about is themselves and what they think they are entitled to or atleast can get away with.

So many things happen in my own shop that perplex me. The way people trash product and manhandle shit that’s not theirs...super frustrating. You are right. Selfish assholes fill this planet.

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Xmas eve is the worst one for us. We have everything ready to close for a few days. Staff all want to get back to their families and we do stay open until 6pm and yet we still have to close the doors on people every year as they try to get those last bits.

Try to come in the exit door and don't respect that we have already had a tough week being so busy in the run in to Christmas. They have had plenty time to buy their shit and yet they still try to go shopping at 6pm xmas eve. Idiots, the lot of them.

Yeah holidays seem to bring out the scum often. We arent important to these people. As far as they are concerned, we have no family or plans.

The ol’ exit door routine?!? Lol

I just drove by the McDonalds this morning and saw a sign saying “Open Thanksgiving”. Those poor folks. Just fucking close on that day. But...there will be folks lining up for McDoubles weirdly enough because...Murcia!!

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Sup Dork?!? Enjoy the Upvote!!! Keep up with the dorky content for more love!!!

I used to be a people person....then I spent 20 years working in retail.

Working with the public creates a certain hatred for said public.

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