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I think grilled fish would have been better but I went with popcorn shrimp because it sounded very good. This was about half of my portion.

I will try and never get sick again and try and be a lot more healthier in the future.

I think it's very smart to invest in healthy food even if it take longer to make or is more expensive to buy.

I guess Steemfest 4 happened.

Thursday 11-14


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I just watch a segment on Dr Oz the other day on shrimp. They said one should only eat shrimp that simply states on the bag the word shrimp and only eat shrimp from the US as other countries lack proper regulations.

I love to eat breaded shrimp and bought some a couple months back from our local large retailer as you could buy maybe three, four shrimp to go with a steak. It was rather good baked but I just couldn't move past the fact it was from Ecuador and kept envisioning it being raised in dirty tanks or containing some weird worm from being captured in dirty waters.

It was processed in the USA by Tampa Bay fisheries so hopefully I'm good.

It just said shrimp right?....I'd have to go watch it again to tell you the preservatives used that aren't that good but being a actual fishery I don't think you'd have to worry about it being fake shrimp.

I threw the package away since I finished the last of it today. I guess next time I will look at the ingredients. It was good so I think I will get it again.
I bought it at Save A Lot. It was the frozen breaded shrimp.

I don't think I erased that segment, if not I'll have to see what the fuss was about the ingredients...I just sort of skimmed through it to see if it was the same one I watched before. Not that I eat a lot of shrimp at home but my son's girlfriend does, she likes it without breading. She use to complain a lot of upset stomachs so when I I saw he was doing a segment on shrimp a while back I watched it. Seems the fake shrimp can give people quite a upset stomach. She was shocked there was even such a thing as fake shrimp.

You let your son's girlfriend move in?

No, one wouldn't want to live here again (I am sure she would if it was some sort of crisis) and the other I wouldn't never let her live with me again for no reason what so ever....once was enough. One is tolerable the other isn't...I barely survive with her living next door. lol.