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Gilchrist also signed legislation requiring all egg-laying hens in Michigan to be raised in cage-free systems by December 2024. The law also requires out-of-state eggs sold in Michigan to come from hens raised in cage-free conditions.

Do you think Michigan people are dumb/evil for buying cheap cage eggs? I think the cage free chickens live in overcrowded communal cages and have their beaks cut off but it is good they get exercise.

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  ·  21 days ago (edited)

No wonder Gretchen flew the coop before the signing of this law. The full implementation of the price increases to consumers will be felt towards the end of her second term (if she makes it that far) and consumers paying ninety percent more for their eggs is going to leave her scrambling for cover. People will have long forgotten it was Snyder and the legislature that implemented this law under threat from lawsuits by the National Humane Society to sue....plus Snyder always did have a penchants for wanting to get a drop on the competition nationally but ultimately that endeavor will cost Michigan consumers big time.

Two of the largest eggs producers in the country has curtailed their cage free productions because consumers aren't buying cage free eggs, there is a glut of cage free eggs on the market. So how far out on the jump Snyder thought we'd be is going to be highly questionable if two of the countries largest producers (and one of them is the largest producer in the world) can't sell cage free eggs.

Some farmers are mad because they made an exception for out of shell eggs that are sold. The price will remain lower for people/restaurants/chefs etc, who use liquid eggs over shelled eggs. Which speaking of restaurants this was also another reason Snyder went along with this....the supposed commitment of national restaurant chains to change over to cage free....but as stated above the amount of cage free eggs being sold isn't proving this to be true.

Another contentious issue is the fact that California and Massachusetts are facing lawsuits for impeding interstate commerce....so look forward to that costly endeavor of being sued. They implemented similar laws forbidding the importation into their states of any eggs that were not raised cage free.

Furthermore studies have shown that chickens raised from small cage free flocks are responsible for more of the salmonella cases reported to the FDA than chickens raised on larger caged farms. Plus there is a larger loss of chickens being raised caged free as chickens tend to be aggressive towards one another, it jumps from like four percent up to eleven percent of chickens killing each other in a cage free environment.

But that's not all the bad news involved. Worker contamination of endotoxin dust raises significantly with larger cage free chickens. Meaning their is a higher likelihood of workers lungs becoming infected from various bacterium found in the dirt of chicken housing.

As far as them signing to allow felons who remain felon free for ten years to have licenses for financial institutions would one trust the likes of Bernie Madoff to get another license after ten years of being felon free? If one's crime maybe wasn't financially related....but even then still I'd still be hesitant that an ex-felon could operate some form of a financial institution.

You have an egg-s-lent day!

Good info. Maybe I should share some of this.

Well if luck befalls you and you get elected it might help when eggs prices skyrocket to be able to explain how/why the price got there.

If the current twenty percent of eggs being raised cage free right now by the biggest producers aren't being sold what is Michigan going to do when all it's eggs are cage free and no other state is allowed to import non cage free eggs? There are only two other states right now mandating cage free eggs...and California has let up on some of it's regulations because producers can't sell the pricier eggs. I don't know how many producers here export eggs to other countries but if the largest exporter of eggs world wide can't sell them to other countries where would that leave any producers here that may export eggs?...buyers are just going to get their eggs from states without cage free mandates. It's one thing to want to jump the gun but it's a whole other issue when it's going to leave them with egg all over there faces (so to speak) in trying to explain why this wasn't thought out more.

I do expect the state to get hit with lawsuits of impeding interstate commerce...that's sort of a no brainer. Just as I expect if this is left to stand they are going to have a lot of angry constituents once egg prices start to soar calling up legislators and demanding answers.

Before they took these steps they should have done some research/polling asking people if they were in favor of cage free chickens and if so would they be willing to pay up to ninety percent more for eggs? At a minimum they should have looked at current selling trends of cage free eggs before driving so deeply into this.

A lot of times in situations like this it comes down to do as I say not as I do. We see that quite often with the climate change enthusiast. They want to harp we should be better stewards of the earth without giving any recognition to the fact that we've done quite a bit in comparison to other countries...often at an economic disadvantage...but then they don't want to stop buying cheap made products from some of the worst polluters in the world.

When it comes to the economic disadvantaged who are just plain hungry they don't give a care about what kind of life the chicken led they just know eggs were cheap. I can attest to that myself personally from a story when I was younger living on my own. I often relied on eggs as I could get a loaf of bread and a dozen eggs that'd provide some protein in my diet six days a week while surviving off them and stuff out of my garden. I'd feed my cat by going on what we call lookout park hill and scrounge for beer bottles to return people would throw out over the edge of the hill so they wouldn't have empty open containers in their cars. I survived on eggs, tuna, stuff from my garden, the good graces of a couple neighbors, one who'd invite me over a couple times a week and another who had what they called open Sunday dinner for anyone in the neighborhood that wanted to drop by. When my kids were teenagers and had friends who parents kicked them out of the house or left home for various reasons and were struggling like I did when I was their age I adopted the format of always having something on the stove for anyone who needed it...I surely appreciated it back in the day. I was so hungry at times I remember once visiting a friend and she was going to throw out some goulash and I screamed no...sort of lost a bit of control there...lol. The moral of the story is when people are hungry they don't care what kind of lifestyle the chicken is leading.

Then....there's always more, lol., in comparison to what other inhumanities perpetrated upon other animals?....like when my kids dad worked at Herruds, the hot dog manufacturer. The things he described they put in hot dogs I couldn't eat hot dogs for years....not until after I went to a company who processed turkeys on a recycling venture for my current employer who I was on the start up of their recycling project. We went there to view their recycling operation. In the process I saw how Turkeys are taken out of cages and hung upset down by their feet on a conveyor line...there they flung back and forth before and after their heads were cut off by large whirling cutters as they moved down the line. I remember uttering to myself "I guess I can eat hot dogs again", hot dogs didn't sound so bad after that. lol. Though I test the hog dogs I eat, if I hold it up horizontally and it goes limp that's a sign it has a lot of fillers in it, if it stays firm in place it's made with more meat product then fillers.

This might not raise the price by much but it should raise it at least a little which does hurt poor people.

I am worried about salmonella now. I think we should repeal this law but make our eggs safer.

It more than doubles the price of eggs, cage free eggs at our local large retailer is 2.39 for a dozen large eggs, 2.49 for x-large and 2.59 for jumbo eggs. Non cage free is .99 cents a dozen. Expected expansion cost of 24 million over the next four years will probably raise that price slightly higher until they recoup their transition cost I would imagine. I think this law appeals to a small majority of people but the increase health risk is also a vital concern. I feel more sorry for how pigs are raised then the chicken to be honest, I seen that on a Dr. Oz show and it's pretty reprehensible, they are moving towards cage free pork also but there was no state increase healthy concerns when it came to pigs wondering around free.

I don't think it will double them but I'm not for sure.

The price is already double silly.

Those are probably the high quality free range eggs without the overcrowding and salmonella. ;)

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It's not Thanksgiving yet? lol I did have a turkey sandwich today.

It does seem like some people care more about chickens in cages than the humans in cages for selling drugs that people like former President Obama used.