MYSEARCHISOVER Blockchain Proposal - 53/668

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Yesterdays post :

I am still interested in creating my own blockchain. I think it would be similar to Steem and initially or perhaps run off of the Steem engine platform but I would do things a lot differently than the Steemit platform.

I would really key in on user experience.

To greatly improve user experience I would try and maintain a large stake and also initially selectively distribute the tokens.

Doing this would help control the price of the tokens and I think help vastly improve the user experience in the long run.

I think I would need to speak one on one with the initial investors though because I am aggressive and would want an initial valuation likely on par with Steem with a valuation goal far above what Steem ever achieved.

Tuesday 11-5


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Maybe you should talk to Shepz1, he's done it using an open ap. The site is pocketnet. Just google pocketnet then click on it, if you do .com behind it it takes you to a site offering to sell the name pocketnet. They just reached 10,000 followers. I post there a couple times a week if I find good stuff and do editorial cartoons every Saturday there. You earn pocs for posting.

I think I'll probably just use Steem Engine.

I think Rent Money is current it’s 1000 ENG.
what would be your niche?

I'd be "swinging for the fences" and not just going for a niche. I'd want to start with a Steemit valuation and try and go for a Facebook valuation or higher eventually.

Any idea what the name of your token will be?

I think tribe creation is 1000 ENG but you would have to search that as I'm not 100% positive.

Probably MYSEARCHISOVER. MSO is also an option. I think the token fee is 100 ENG. I think for a full tribe the cost may be like 1,000 or more but I might be able to start with the token but it's not as easy is it sounds.