New Token - New Hitlist - Leo and Pal for Sale - Trending Page - 52/667

in mysearchisover •  3 months ago 

There's a saying. S*** or get off the pot.

I think I need to make my own token.

It might take me a week or two maybe even a month or two or longer yet I am not sure. I don't even have a logo yet.

I kind of like this one but it is not straight on.

I "think" I made it onto a new hitlist. Perhaps for being nice to someone I was not allowed to be nice to.

I saw this post today.

I quickly recognized the top earner

It downvoted my last post.

I think I will be selling a lot of my Leo and Pal tokens over the next month or so since I can read the writing on the wall. I think I am now on a hitlist on Steemleo and in danger of being taken out again on Steemit with even less hope of getting off.

I did make the trending page on one of the tribes thanks to "somebody". I also bought some of the token but I think I will probably stop buying it at market and might even remove my bids.

I think the Leo market will do OK without me and I will still probably continue to post on for the foreseeable future.

Monday 11-4


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  ·  3 months ago (edited)

@leovoter is not an official @steem.leo account (look at who delegated 15K LEO to the account). It is owned by @sircock who I guess is a PAL curator,

Are you sure? It appears that I got banned from I can't see my replies on there or submit a post. :(

  ·  3 months ago (edited)

I am not sure. I can see your posts and comments in You can ask in their discord account:

Can you see your replies when you are on Steemleo? It could be a glitch or I could be banned. I guess it may be the site though.


  ·  3 months ago (edited)

I can see your post and replies just fine. If you notice one leo voter has a period between leo.voter and a official tag behind it, the other is just leovoter. I think that happened when I posted there too, I blew it off (probably the wrong term to use now considering he's also as someone's avatar than it actually being someone behind steem leo because you'd think they would want people to post on there.

I definitely did notice the difference and I also noticed some other stuff too.
I guess the site was just glitchy for a minute. It's back to normal for me now.

The tribe sites act up from time to time.

leovoter is not part of SteemLEO. It is a personal account.

Well whoever you are you have quite a sense of humor.

I do laugh at my own jokes.

I am not affiliated with SteemLEO.

You were downvoted because I felt your post didn't belong on SteemLEO.

I'd never heard of him before but those three post he made under his sir account was funny as hell.

I think i will stick to steem monsters. Too much drama with all these other shit coins.

Hopefully I can make a real coin.



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