Pal Tanked - Leo Steady - Slow Day - CTS Coupe - .20 - 65/680

in pal •  26 days ago 

Pal broke through .03 support.

I think the Leo token will be around .2 for a while which is not really a bad thing.

I checked Leo trending, Steem trending and some of my Steemit feed today as well as Yahoo but nothing real big I feel like reporting although the SteemLeo trending page is still pretty good.

I may have already posted this. I didn't want to post something slow like a turtle. lol

Anybody ever own a CTS?

Sunday 11-17


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Never seen a car like that over here.

You got those miniscule cars? lol
Do you have any Cadillacs at all?

Almost no Cadillacs. Lot's of BMW, Mercedes, Volvo, Volkswagen, Citroen, Renault, Audi, Skoda, Honda etc cars.

i wish @palnet would take my advice and just do eos-ex and get PAL EOS and list on newdex and get eosdac for pal @eosdac and pal eos cna @tipitbot can be huge for pal.... we could use reddit tip bot and promote pal to subreddits like r/pics etc

Are you a Palnet leader?
I wish Steemleo would take more of my advice but it still seems pretty damn good. lol
Are any of the tokens listed on Eos yet?

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Crazy story. Didn't it have Onstar? I would go with the CTS coupe so hopefully it would be roomy enough for me and hopefully I don't have to transport any 6 feet tall passengers in the rear seat but if so I guess they will have to deal with low headroom. lol

I don't like leather but I do like moonroofs so I might get stuck with leather. :(

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