PPO - Stalker - Slide Flute - Leo - .205 - 54/669

in ppo •  3 months ago 

Crazy day to day. Filed a PPO against an ex-girlfriend who I thought was a friend but guess I was wrong. Live and learn. I guess in the future I will try and stay away from women that I do not get along really well with.

I also have a visit from somebody looking for an old roommate.

I got one of these in the mail today.

I don't think it's as easy to play as it looks. There is also an issue with not getting dizzy and getting enough oxygen. lol

I guess I did only pay about $1 for it. :) lol It seems pretty nice too.


The Leo token seems to be doing well. I haven't been having the best of luck with it lately it seems. I thought I was a little bit too long the other day and reduced my position and got burned again. lol

Wednesday 11-6


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Sorry to hear about your legal trouble, I hope it ends now.

Thank you. If you upvote yourself my vote will count.


There is also an issue with not getting dizzy and getting enough oxygen.

Lol, you are suppose to gasp in air when the opportunity presents itself during the song like shown in the video. I thought that'd make a great present for the grand kids to drive their parents nuts with....then ended up getting a good laugh as someone beat me to how that'd work out at the end of the kid video. I may still do it and keep them here, I have way more patience for letting them do things that drive the parents nuts....but then I don't have them 24/7 the majority of the days either.

It's a pretty nice $1 present. I think you should at least buy one. I think music is good for kids and it's not very loud.

You know what's worse than kids running around making lots of noise?....one's running around fighting over the same toy...that require's a referee. lol.

Maybe you'll have to spend $2 then. #bigmoney lol

#bigmoney....lol, maybe you should stop while you are ahead....they just announced Michael Buble' is coming in March.....lmao.

Does he have any good songs? I'm guessing the ratio would be in my favor at that concert. lol

Lol, you'd be right on the money with that assessment. You crack me up. I love when he does impromptu stuff like this

On my all time favorite list would be when Babs (Barbra Streisand) did a guest appearance on one of his Christmas specials....it came with a bonus prize of an all time slap of an insult to Ariana Grande which probably went right over her head...lol. Man what I wouldn't have given in my life to see Barbra in concert, to bad she spent a huge chunk of her life hiding because she was afraid radical extremist were going to get her for kissing Omar Sharif in Funny Girl. He was right in his opening statement there was no better a Christmas present to 10 million people, she is the voice of perfection, the two of them together was the perfect pairing.

Outside of his wondrous voice and the fact he is easy to look at I'd think his concert would be bit to mushy for me.

Wow! The Elvis song was fine. lol
The Barbara song was horrible!