Lets get some FireFly Drones 200 Drone Shows to spell out our tribe Token logos andnames like this! I imagine a big neoxian and LEO logo in teh sky every night

in sandiego •  2 months ago 

Lets get some FireFly Drones 200 Drone Shows to spell out our tribe Token logos and names like this! I imagine a big neoxian and LEO logo in the sky every night in a major city if one of us just buys these drones and hooks them up, hah i would love to have these drones doing light shows at parties and music festivals we could rent them out for stage show samke millions. It will only get better and better with more and more people making competitor drone shows until we have those spiderman hologram projector drones :D

(people on that freeway must have been freaking out to see that over the highway! Who needs the northern lights!

If I had these drones i could doa massive lightshow to advertise EOS, STEEM, SAND and @challengedac Thats it! thats how i can create the sky holograms I wanted to put above San Diego to have a massive floating EOS logo.I dont need an building I just need drones :D I imagine a boat in the harbor and all these drones coming out to follow it doing a lightshow like this! (Navy might not be cool with it tholol ) But yeah I will for sure have these things doing amazing shows at Balboa Park over the grass.

Thanks to my friend nicholas stanely for sharing this on his facebook @blazcar

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This is a pretty cool idea!

Hi, @ackza!

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I started writing a crazy streamof consiousness message when i was really tired lol but its important its an idea for @steem-eng and @someguy123 to convert ENg to eos-ex so we can list on newdex AND @eosdac afy it so we can have ENG DAC to Govern the Steem Engine protocal ;)

Ill take care of all the eos integration idea seeding and wrangling of talent ill try to funnel in all the eos stragglers who need a place like steem engine to START their project.Ive now begun creating EOSthemed tokens DIrectly on steem engien FIRST as the starting point for my Boot Strap MOM Mother EOS token studio with Corey from Shiple, we plan on expanding MOM and MothrEOS and have a Token Studio , and HKEOS has a DAPP launchpad, they helped create Lumeos and otehr dapps. i will actually have the ability to help anyone who pays you gusy for eos-ex to get on newdex for like 20eos in ram airdorp fees no fees paid to newdex yet untill NDX staking is required for autonpomous listing just like stemeengine! but we have lots tyo learn from newdex! i can get steem on scatter or maybe newdex to accept keychain AND we can trade Steem ENgine tokens on newdex and smts cirectly for Steem.You can have ENG go to newlevels. We can make ENg an EOS token and have steem engine become this multi chain system that lets your Steem Engine token be STARTING point, and then you pay to get it made into an EOSor SMt token , and then we can offer a DAPP STUDIO Launch pad, to help peopel create websites, telegram groupss, white papers for godo ideas that get voted in... checklisst for businesses, we can mass produce good ideas into working token ideas , steem engien can become a kick starter incubator ENG the profit sharing token for projects conceived under Steem Engine incubator
Just an idea ;:D I love the idea that your working behind teh sceneson all sorts of cool SMT stuff, and im gonna keep working on more stuff like the LEO dex whichi paid to get SANDon! I would love an ENg DAC .We can decentralize steemengine to the publics eyes.We can talk with EOSDAC lukestokes about $100a month DAC using the EOS ENG token you can create. i can have someguy123 create it and manage it i wont be involved, we can sell ENG as a governance token bruh . Withdraw to EOS and stake on EOSDAC dac factory DAC for EOS ENG.... its PERFECT... we use that DAC to govern ENG and the various subjects like holdings of pegegd assets, 9even THAt can be mroe deentralzied than peopel know i talked with someguy123 peopel can hold their own keys for pegged assets) bro im flowin i have so many connections i have the answers to so much i can see dan larimers vision so clearly its my vision now its our vision, we can get as much funding as we want steem engien has done all the hard work we just need presentation,polsih off some rough edges, roadmap, new SIMPEL wordpress sitew to explain teh ENg governance on EOS, I mean dude u can have a super amazingc ross chain solution LATERTHo i realize hahaah OH I GET IT you ahve to do soem stuff with steem and SMTs first befroe youc an just unleash some EOS system of governance withan EOS dac :smile: got it :wink: