Looking for 10,000 SP delegation for 4 weeks to upvote SteemSanDiego SAND users who post with #sandiego hashtag

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I was thinking of using @dlease

or @minnowbooster

if ANYONE has any deals on 10,000 SP or perhaps more, so i can upvote my #sandiego tribe users let me know. Maybe I should wait to get this delegation for when i have more users and just incentivize them with more liquid token payouts using neoxian and steemleo and other token I have invested in and share with my upvotees whenever i upvote them.

I would love to hear from anyone if they have any tips or tricks on how to encourage more authors to post on your tag, with or without using more SP. i will probably end up getting 10,000 SP eventually, but I would love to talk to old friends about getting some SAND tokens in exchange for Delegation. I am going to be unleashing a very powerful EOS token called One Thousand Token very soon, and along with the California bear token i hope to create quite the stir in the cryptocurrency world using concepts everyone can understand like having only 1000 max supply!

I really hope these new ideas can create enough organic publicity that i wont have to buy any. But i will be using @dclick as well as @dlease as dclick.io can let me pay steem for ads!

Im buying one now for $0.50 in steem worth of @dclick ads to test out some advertisisng for steemsandiego.com

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You are welcome to put in chunks of 5000 SP lease requests on the Dlease market (which is the same as MinnowBooster) I am currently filling leases at 18% plus.

I may do this! Thank you for the reply here is an upvote!

Can’t give you a delegation but an upvote 😀

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@ackza, Good luck brother and hope that you will succeed in bringing value to your tribe. Stay blessed.

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Human, I may be able to assist with a smaller delegation up to 5000 SP. What are the terms of the lease?

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Well, Id like to get a better deal that Dlease and Minnowbooster, and I feel my project is helpful to steem and deserves @steemit @steem @misterdelegation from @andrarchy :D But until then I will be willing to pay some liquid steem for the 5000 SP. What were you doing with your SP anyway, some people have so much they never even quite use it :D If you can spare some, i can delegate you my neoxian silver power and steem leo power :D I need to add up how much that all is

But yeah i dunno if you are used to leasing your SP or what. I just thought if dcommerce can get lots of delegation and not make anything maybe i can do better by a least poromoiting my own local people lol its a pretty self servcing prokject actually. I am just trying to enrich my local economy with crypto so I have a safety net and will be able to spend all my crypto in real life with lots of pro crypto neighbors :D If they all have a mobile app with crypto wallets I can pay them all :D

Anyway Im just hungry so im talking a lot

heres 1 peosp @tubcat :) 1 Privacy EOS token worth almost 3 cents now :) it was at like 12 cents at one point

I just vote on content that I like with my SP so that I earn curation rewards.

I recently powered up this account for the sole purpose of doing something with my crypto rather than just holding it in a cold wallet.

I don’t post much, but vote often. So if you put my delegation to good use and I make some profit from it then I would be happy.

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I think @exyle would have what you want.