Earn EOS SAND tips making posts with your EOS account on eos.discussions.app

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You can earn SAND by making posts on here and getting tipped in liquid EOS SAND tokens https://eos.discussions.app/tag/sand

To get a Free EOS account download the MyEOSWallet Mobile app and follow instructions telegram messaging @myeoswallet on telegram with a twitter retweet etc, they then give youa promo code to create an account, and you can take teh private active / owner key out to any wallet you wish after that.

Please contact @bigbluewhale over on telegram if you have any questions about setting up your own EOS Discussions App Message Board with your own EOS token. https://t.me/eosdiscussionsapp

I will have a new post up explaining the tipping. Just use scatter on desktop or MyEOSWallet has the EOS discussion app built in. Here we go

Now please come to the telegram https://t.me/sandiegocoin and the discord: https://discord.steemsandiego.com

SDsandCanyon1 111.png

I wouldlove to have more San Diego users so if you know any let me know,or if you need ANy free steem accounts, as many as youd like,let ,e know Ill send you instant invites and soon @gerber 's @gerbot should be able to send Invite links when you Dm or message the bota Voucher code, and hopefully we can get tips sent one day via voucher, which we can then write down on actual piece of paper and send them in the mail! I bet there a simpler way i'm not even thinking about...also the @steem.ninja already have vouchers and invite links we can write down... I guess I just want to be able to have TOKEN vouchers for @banjo without needing to write down private keys :)

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Very happy to see the use of ATMOS and Eos Discussion Apps . I wonder how the version 2 will look like i hear good things!