Some Basketball Short Odd Statistics

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Yesterday's Jamaica bet came in nicely but there's nothing to look forward to in today's action. So instead, i decided to look up some basketball statistics.

Snowballing low odds is something i like to do from time to time. Always with small amounts because the math doesn't check out... or does it?

18 Nov Basketball Games

So, first i had to get a sample of the basketball results. I decided to get it from OddsPortal but that meant cleaning up the data first. There were about 90 or so games yesterday so it could still be processed in Excel.

Looks something like this:

After applying some formulas to do the calculations, betting on odds between 1.2-1.34 for the home team was the most profitable, netting a 1.08 unit return from 9 matches.

Including lower odds reduced the profitability as there were a number of surprises. Even in basketball, i'd stay away from International matches as there's just too many surprises.

So with this in mind, i've taken a small wager on the SKNights basketball game from Korea later. Fingers crossed!

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