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The drones were sold out. :( I was there before noon but they were probably gone early in the am.

This was at Gander Mountain next door to the sold out drone store.

$166 seems pretty cheap.

I guess I will go back to using to post but I will have to use Steemit to interact with my comments and see my posts since steemleo does let me use up to 15 tags. I think most of the others are 10.

I'm trying the splinterlands tag for the first time.

Friday 11-29


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$166 for a hand gun is a steal.

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This post wasn't even on steemleo so I guess it was dumb to use the tag and I took it out. I used the appics tag which banned my post anyways but I guess I will just stop using the tag to make you happy. Sorry.

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Yeah those are from when I was still using the tag. At least I didn't get banned but yeah.

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Feel free to test it out but I'm done with the steemleo tag for a while.

I don't feel like spending the time and energy to figure it out and analyze the risks. The Leo.voter account is powerful and could destroy my Steemit account.

I guess I need to look into the photo token. I think I'm using all the main tags you have invested heavily in but I'm not sure.

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I haven't looked into that one yet. I did see it on steem engine though. I guess maybe I should start using that tag. First time I have heard dblog mentioned.

This article on Steemleo didn't seem to have any quality investment content, just a bunch of blabber about last year's layoffs at steemit.

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Why should he have to be held to any higher standard than a bunch of people over at APPICS who are posting pictures with a couple words and raking in sometimes as much at five bucks just for a picture? Go take a look at the @ soldier account and see for yourself what's going on, I give it less than two months and soldier will be at dolphin status, it's only been a couple months and she's already half way there. Do you think that's acceptable that on this blockchain some people just get to rape the rewards pool while others are demanded to produce more content? She rakes in all the rewards for everyone who post from their site....that doesn't equate to more people joining here and I would suspect most those who do the upvoting are bots.

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You might be able to get it for $200 if you had a Gander Mountain in Hawaii but you probably don't.

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