dMessages - Chat App Day #1

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dMessages - Decentrali(s/z)ed chats on STEEM

Updates, yes updates already

  • Fixed autoscroll not scrolling correctly (Thanks to @klye)
  • Created the token DM - dMessages - To stop people from stealing it and reserving it for future use
  • Created a twitter account dMessagesSteem
  • Made a proper logo. Yes I made it and I'm bloody proud. Now it's in the client!
  • Created the Steem account, @dmessages

Thanks to everyone yesterday for:

  • Top commented post:
  • Trending/Payout (thanks for the 57.57 STU)
    #5 By payout and still above the fold (-ish)
  • Pretty universal acceptance?
    Bernie, OCDB, transitio, 2 bitbuds. I mean 1 guy dislikes it but so what 🤷‍♂️
  • Reblogs 30, didn't even realise we had that budget (and it was at 96 comments)!

Mega thank you to all.
~ @cadawg

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Added your name to the post and sent you 5 DM

(Worthless ATM, but hopefully in the future they will have more value.)


Tryna pull a fast one eh?

Time to spam shitting dick nipples on your chat. :D

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

A fast one? Was tired af when I wrote this, sorry

I'm just trolling you sir. Glad to help with your projects.

sir lol

Sneak: 100


I didn't even know that shit.. Tryna take over the STEEM app racket eh? :D

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

LOL! I'm offended on a moral level 😡.

JK! JK! Yeah I want a monopoly on this shit. It's not going too bad. Say hello to the new Jteve Sobs 😂😆🤣

Keep hacking at it.. Has some wild potential but will be an assload of work.

I'm probably going to try and get the token going earlier rather than later and then use that to lure in devs. It's cheaper than paying steem 🤣

Dat signature

Nice! You've been busy.

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After, so it just works now?

[@alucian] It should works in the same moment you add the Hashtag CC and have enought holdet CC in your wallet.
If you edit later it works. This system is build for a easy work and understand. Womans understand it! Retarded Users like me understand it. Asians understand it.
It works in realtime, no staking shit, no waiting, no little stars and letters in the end, it is a non profit project based on my real name and repurtation in the internet to solve the Steem ego problem that everyone looks just for his account. I wrote thausands of comments and get.... "nothing" for it.
But i knowed in my soul i did get something back one day for this time. What i get back is a much higher reputation for solve this problem in the future.

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That's cool, when I made a distribubot it kinda failed, so might have to talk to you!

[@alucian] I am just the badass who say and stress the programmer what he should do in the main way of the system. :-) You need to talk with @kristall97 about the code itself, he is the expert in this part of the CC-Project. We are three main Teammembers on this project, everyone has his own part of doing the needed work. I can just help you to build a good system plan with all his facettes of needed parts, build up the computer programm is not my talent. :-)

Have a nice evening.

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More improvements excellent.

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Looking forward to how this progresses. I like the idea of a Steem related chat.