Breakthrough - "Artificial" Support? - Leo - Pal - Politics - $5 - .25 - 67/682

in trading •  2 months ago 

I think @edicted bought some Leo which caused a breakthrough in price and lots of new support.

It appears @leo.voter put in a big bid at about .25. I'm not sure what's going on. I was tempted to sell out but after some careful consideration decided to take lead support.

Apparently somebody decided to buy some Pal as well. Not sure who it was.

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Artificial support...that's what my kids dad was on and I guess they removed it to see if he could hold his own but he died two days later. People just don't seem to quit dying this year. Now their sisters in Flint want them to come up for a memorial next week. I told my son I wouldn't waste time off from work for someone who outside the first couple years of your life only spent about thirty days of the rest of it with you...and only once out of that thirty days did he actually take it upon himself to come here. He said he's got three days paid bereavement coming therefore allowing him a whole week off paid next week with his holiday pay also. I told him in that case take it, it was about time he got some sort of benefit out of him being his dad. He wants me to drive up there as I know my way around a bit more than him but I am not all hip about that but it does scare me they could end up in the wrong neighborhood. Last time I was up there, and it's been many years so I am sure it's even worse, while sitting outside in the backyard for a family picnic they held you could hear gunfire sporadically throughout the day coming from the other side of Dort. They weren't the least bit concerned as they said it was on the bad side of Dort and they lived on the good side. Not that his daughters live over that way, one use to and I think the other moved further out. I just hope he takes the three days and calls it good.

That's really sad. :( Hopefully they didn't murder him.

How old is your son?

Hopefully with the new mayor things can improve.

Actually he murdered himself, scissoris of the liver, plus he was like my brother, if he could get high off it he'd try it. He hid it rather well, I was rather naive as I never had friends who did hard drugs. It wasn't until I brought it up to my counselor at the time that I thought it odd I'd often wake up at night and he'd be the bathroom for long periods of time. She said that was often a place drug addicts use to hide what they were up to. That threw me for a loop. I thought maybe he was going in there trying to hide his drinking as it started to become a contentious issue between him and I when having a couple beers after work started being a six pack, so forth and so on to hard liquor use. Plus he'd never shut up when he got to drinking. Some people drinking it becomes like the energizer bunny to them, they keep going and At first we both had the same shift schedules then I ended up at a job working days and he was working nights so I didn't have time for that crap. I have no sympathy for him, even towards the end he couldn't find himself to be honorable to me spending the last few months of his life getting out of paying me his lousy fifty bucks a month towards the twenty five thousand he still owed in child support. Sometimes I ponder if I shouldn't give him some credence for the fact it was his guilt (for wrecking part of my life, which he did finally apologized for) that drove him to work at times to pay his support but then there were other times I could describe some wild antics I used to track him down and forced him to live up to his obligation. Which as you know being Flint even if I did track him down the cops would just ask if he was committing murder at the moment, when I'd reply no they'd say they weren't coming. So I often have to get a state rep, senator or someone in the governors office to get the state police to get him, they'd either line it up county to county (Genesee county would hand him off to Ingham county who'd hand him off to Kent County) to bring him back here or chain him to a chair at the police department until the friend of the court could go fetch him. Another time one of the senators got the state's attorney general to send me a letter they'd be taking over my case, once I signed the papers it was out of my hands and he would go to prison. They want you to sign so you understand if they go to prison there'll still be no support nor will it accumulate while they are in there. The way I figured it what was the use of allowing it to accumulate, it wasn't like I was getting it anyway, thirty three thousand in accumulation should be good enough, time to let him accumulate some time behind bars. I called him up and read him the part it was out of my hands and he was going to prison...he couldn't start paying it fast enough. lol. Funny how that works. It wasn't even like it was a huge burden, at least in my opinion, for two kids it was like forty five dollars a week. I am sure he was spending more than that on alcohol and drugs every week.

Why were you seeing a counselor? You should hire me. ;) lol

You have any book writing experience? if I was going to write it all out for you you could edit it for me and I could finally publish a book.

That might take me a month to condense down your wordiness. ;) lol

Um, that's what editors do. lol.

Yeah but not all authors are as "detailed" as you. ;)

Maybe you should start writing though. It seems like you have a passion for it.

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

@leo.voter basically rewards SP delegator with LEO. A big portion of LEO comes from purchasing LEO from the market using Steem earn from curation by @leo.voter. (

However, rewards is disbursed through @leo.bountes ( You can do some data mining for clarity.

Hope it helps ;)

I ran through 0.212 to 0.347 as promised ;)

Are you trying to be like @diverse? lol

Did you buy with another account?

I guess there is even more stuff to try and watch with the Leo market but I guess it is now even more bullish with another big buyer.

I am much more conservative than @diverse ;)

Are you sure about that? ;) lol

You might have really nailed the timing on your buy.