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Breakthrough - "Artificial" Support? - Leo - Pal - Politics - $5 - .25 - 67/682

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Yeah but not all authors are as "detailed" as you. ;)

Maybe you should start writing though. It seems like you have a passion for it.

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Hey, who needs a campaign manger when you have a long winded person like me around, if you make a campaign page...maybe by election day I can talk all of Flint into voting for you.

Yeah they'd probably all run away from you. ;) lol jk

I really don't think when people say stuff like that that they are really kidding.

No worries you aren't running because you really want to be elected anyway.

Now I am mad at you not once but twice in less than twenty four hours...I'll go ponder if I want to get over it.

I am somewhat serious. People don't seem to care about much of anything so I try and keep things short and simple when I am talking about politics. Have you tried to talk to someone about politics for more than a few minutes? It's usually pointless. :(

Did you see my post today? Even so called Christian churches don't really seem to care if babies get killed and many actually at least quasi support it.

I would like to win and make a difference.

What are you mad about?